Etienne Daher

Who is Etienne Daher?

Etienne Daher is the founder of Ete-services. A highly-driven, motivated and team spirited CTO with a broad exposure in solutions development, software architecture, devOps, customer engagement and project management.

Early life and career

In July 2012 Etienne completed his computer engineering studies at LAU. In March 2017, he founded Ete-services, a boutique IT firm that provides end to end and bespoke solutions to SMBs, SMEs, as well as large organizations. Etienne currently alternates between Lebanon, UAE and USA.


Etienne Daher is passionate about innovation, Web3, blockchain & AI. He helps his clients, from all industries, to define their goals, set success metrics, set budget, align on milestones, deliverables, and project dependencies. Afterwards, he outlines a timeline schedule and set a clear and efficient communication plan for everyone.